Fashion shows are very demanding. The show is, of course, the designer's event, but making it happen involves the collaboration of a host of people. All of them must quickly grasp and understand the vision the designer wants to convey, and be able to translate his or her ideas into reality. The reality of fabric, light, movement, skin colors and textures, faces and body shapes. Everything must work seamlessly, together producing a stunning, unique and one-of-a-kind event.

The makeup worn by the models is often just as important as the fantastic creations on the runway and in magazines. A model can never go out on the runway without a makeup artist and the most beautiful or stunning creation is meaningless without a human body and a face. That is why makeup artists stand by behind the scenes, making sure those faces look their best at all times. Having done runway makeup for various fashion and hair shows, I am familiar with the fast paced environment backstage, and I am committed to realizing the vision of the designer, company, brand or line I work with, allowing the integrity of the their products and unique style to shine through.