Your wedding day is one of the most memorable, beautiful and important days of your life. As a makeup artist, I am not only knowledgeable in makeup artistry alone, but also aware and understanding of elements such as weather, photography, video and lighting. This is why it is recommended to hire a professional makeup artist for a day as spectacular as your wedding day. As your makeup artist, I am prepared to ensure that you will look your best and that your makeup complements your skin, unique style and personality. Prior to your wedding day, I will consult with you at your makeup trial.

Trials are usually scheduled  several months in advance, giving both the artist and the bride enough time to design a personalized look to remember. At the trial, I will address your particular concerns and needs raging from skincare to your desired colors. I also strongly encourage finding and sending in photos of looks you may like (or any ideas you may have about  your desired makeup) prior to the trial. If you're still unsure - don't worry! We can discuss your wedding colors, theme & preferences to customize a look you will love. That's what I'm here for!